5 Best Ways to Generate B2B Leads Online

December 8, 2020

Generating leads is one key aspect in keeping any business afloat because after all, it needs to continuously find and tap new customers to grow its revenue.

A complete understanding of your business, your product and your target audience is crucial when it comes to creating a strategy on how to reach out to more prospects.

Below are 5 Best Ways to Generate B2B Leads Online.

  1. Use an automated email marketing sequencing system.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways when it comes to reaching out to leads, hot or cold. The good news is for cold emails, gone are the days where you will have to manually schedule a follow-up email to those who have yet to respond to your offer. There are now many email marketing platforms that allow you to set up an email campaign and schedule follow up emails according to your preference.

For example, here at Leadzoom, we offer email marketing services to our clients and help achieve their targets. What we do is we help set up and run their campaigns. Now once a campaign is finished, we then generate the results, analyze, interpret and turn it over to the client. We do the dirty work and hand over the data that the client wants to get out of an email marketing campaign.

Now, what if you are not receiving a lot of positive responses, received plenty of email bounces and you fear your email is going straight to the SPAM folder? Don’t you worry. There are ways that can help prevent this scenario from happening. We are going to write about tips on how to avoid your email from going straight to the SPAM folder in our next article.

  1. Create Content that Hits the Right Spot.

  Nobody is interested in things that they cannot relate to. The same goes for business. If you provide content that naturally appeals to your target audience, the next most natural thing to happen is for them to engage with you.

Prospects will come to you the moment they see the potential value in your offerings. For example, if you sell and install CCTV cameras to office buildings, you can blog about kinds of security cameras and their features to help business owners choose which one is best for them. Another example is let’s say you are a digital marketing agency. You can upload a video on Youtube where you share the latest marketing trends that attracts plenty of prospects.

While providing high quality content may not really get a conversion right away, it pays to give meaningful insights and sound advice to your target market. In this way, you are not only sharing what you know but it also allows you to showcase your expertise in your industry. This will increase your credibility in your field which will then make potential clients more inclined to do business with you.

  1. Treat Social Media as Your Best Friend. 

LinkedIn is considered as the social networking site for professionals. Some may even say that it is a business networking site because on this platform, you can connect and interact with people from just about any type of industry there is on the planet. Sign up and use this platform to reach out to two types of people: one, prospects and two, mentors and colleagues. Participating in relevant discussions, sharing interesting facts and providing valuable opinions with your connections and LinkedIn groups will help you get the traction you want not only for you but for your business.

And if you are busy running your business but still want to make use of LinkedIn to connect with fellow professionals as well as possible prospects, there are automation tools that you can use to do the job for you such as Leadzoom. What we do in Leadzoom is we set up an automated outreach program to tap fresh leads. You can even customize your outreach program so you can choose your target customers as well as the level of engagement you’re willing to do out there.

Aside from LInkedIn, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are also great places to engage with prospects.

On Facebook, you can try joining Facebook groups that are related to your line of business. Once in, you can participate in discussions and provide useful insights to your fellow members. As for Instagram, aside from sharing killer content and using power hashtags, don’t forget to engage with your followers.  The same goes for Twitter. Using the perfect hashtag plus a clever short message is what helps catch attention.

While hashtags and sharing your thoughts as well as areas of expertise do not generate leads right away, you are increasing your visibility and building your brand value in your chosen social media platform. It is in this way that other users/members will take notice of you, your expertise and eventually get your service to help their businesses.

  1. Offer a free tool/service to your target audience 

Boom! Instant lead generator. Okay, fine. It’s not actually instant because the process involved in creating a free tool can be quite time-consuming and requires a lot of hard thinking. You will have to think about what it is that you can give away for free, how you are going to create and implement it and how you’re going to say the word about it out there. However, once that free offer was proven effective, your chances of converting that lead to a user will dramatically increase.

  1. Use an Efficient Metrics System 

It does not matter whether you are using the latest or the best lead generation tool if you do not have a well-developed structure that can track and measure your work. The good news is that there are now plenty of advanced tools such as predictive analytics and email deliverability checkers that can help understand if you are on the right track. Find the right one that suits your needs so you can continue to customize your lead generation effort and eventually hit the perfect combo.

There is no easy way to generate high quality leads but what you need to remember is that it is possible. It will require a long time of testing different ways and using different methods in finding what works and what doesn’t. However, once you find the right mix for your lead generation strategy, the struggle is worth the reward.

If you’d like more tips or have any questions then contact us today at hi@leadzoom.io

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