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NGX is one of the most promising nutrition providers in the UK. Known for offering the world’s first genetically personalised meal shake, more and more fitness centres, as well as nutrition shops/companies, would like to partner up with them.


-To supply a quick influx of Leads to the sales teams

-To take the launch of the new product and get it to market and sale early sales


Leadzoom implemented a fast acting campaign to target our key prospects in a short period of time to match our marketing budget. We’ve targeted to industries and they key decision makers.

Client Thoughts

Check out what Nutri-Genetix has to say about Leadzoom.
“Working with Leadzoom in just a short period of time has not only given us a boatload of leads that kept us busy but they have also shown us important statistics in terms of which target market holds the greatest value. It was a breeze to collaborate with them on this project and we’ll come back to them again in the future.”

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