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About ONC Lawyers: Established in 1992, ONC Lawyers is one of the largest domestic law firms in Hong Kong, with more than 130 members of legally-qualified and supporting staff. As a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, an international network of the world’s finest law firms, the firm was able to assist its clients around the world through the strong support of 200 member firms in more than 40 countries. The firm offers a wide variety of legal services such as corporate matters, arbitration, family and matrimonial, real estate and employment, privacy and discrimination just to name a few.


  • To identify & engage with business owners from small-scale to mid-scale companies in different industries mainly in HK but to other countries as well such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and UAE just to name a few
  • To introduce ONC Lawyers as a reputable partner for their legal services needs
  • To generate a zoom/teams introduction/discovery call


Leadzoom applied the tried and tested LinkedIn & Email outreach combo. A/B testing email template contents and continuously expanding the targeting resulted in a continuous flow of leads.

Client Thoughts

Check out what ONC Lawyers has to say about Leadzoom.
“In just a short amount of time, we didn’t expect Leadzoom to be able to deliver the number of leads that have exceeded our expectations. Their multi-touch approach has worked for us so well. We receive a lead or two almost every day. They always provide us suggestions to ensure that we receive a steady stream of leads. More often than not, their recommendations are very much applicable to us. Overall, we never had to reach out to them about something because they are always one step ahead of us. “

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