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Space Matrix is a modern day design consultancy founded in 2001. They specialise in workplace design and have project experiences in over 80 countries with office locations in different parts of the world such as Singapore, USA and Singapore.


  • To reach out and engage with business owners from different industries from different places all over the world and offer them our modern design consultancy services
  • To introduce Space Matrix as a 21st century design consultancy that offers workplace design that are not only functional but also helps boost employees’ productivity
  • To generate a zoom/teams introduction/discovery call


Leadzoom implemented a multi-touch outreach campaign consisting of both LinkedIn & Email outreach. However, with the email campaign working so well for the client, they decided to cancel the LinkedIn campaign. Aside from A/B testing different email templates, we have targeted several locations across the globe to see which countries are the most responsive in their campaign. We have also tried translating the messages to the local language of a specific location, for example, China, ensuring that we’re reaching out to the prospects in the best way possible.

Client Thoughts

Check out what Space Matrix has to say about Leadzoom.
“We never thought we would stay with Leadzoom this long, but here we are. They were able to find the magic combo that works in our email campaign. They were also very accommodating in terms of our requests. We originally planned on targeting just India in this campaign. But, when we asked Leadzoom if we’re able to target other locations, they were kind enough to grant our request. Their campaign team has done a great job in monitoring our campaigns and in providing campaign suggestions that make sense.”

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