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Theseus Capital works with Founders that want to drive positive change, from Life Sciences to Technology, FinTech, SaaS, Direct to Consumer, Oil & Gas, and more. They work with a few exclusive Founders each year to bring clarity to the process of raising money and going public and also to provide guidance and mentorship from decades of founder experience.


  • To reach out and engage with SME business owners & founders that are looking to rapidly scale. 
  • To generate a zoom intro/discovery calls from ICPs
  • To acquire at least 2 new clients


Leadzoom implemented a 3-month outbound lead generation campaign to one specific audience, through both LinkedIn & Email. It helped improve targeting by using a relevant & specific filtering system. Thus, increasing top of the funnel leads through outbound marketing

Client Thoughts

Check out what Theseus Capital has to say about Leadzoom.
“Working with Leadzoom over a short period of time really helped me reach my productive capacity for the foreseeable future. They hit all the KPIs & deliverables we discussed at the start of the campaign & more. I’d be more than willing to refer them to fellow clients & work colleagues of mine that are looking to increase their lead-flow & revenue for their business.”

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