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Web Placements is a small business in the United Kingdom. A leading marketing company that aids businesses be on the top of Google’s search results through SEO. They also offer PPC handling over £9m in budget. In addition, they also have a variety of products for businesses of all sizes. They have an in-house team based out of Morecambe.


  • To identify & engage with business owners of SMEs in the UK and USA
  • To introduce Web Placements as google SEO specialist
  • To generate a free trial on SEO that leads to a 12 month contract
  • Conversion 32% trial to subscription from Leadzoom leads


Leadzoom implemented an outreach campaign consisting of email outreach in the UK and US with two very different messages adapted to the local markets. To ensure that they’re delivering a strong pipeline and good balance, Leadzoom targeting multiple company sizes.

Client Thoughts

Check out what Web-placements has to say about Leadzoom.
“Leadzoom is a valuable partner. We get a great mix of leads in the UK and US. An honest approach from the team that’s always on hand to offer best practices and advice on strategy. We have been a customer of Leadzoom for over 18 months and look forward to another 18 months as our lead generation specialists. “

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