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Wirehouse Employer Services was founded in 2010. It’s focused on providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with Human Resources, Employment Law & Health and Safety services that’s specifically made for each company. They have an expert legal and support team that will help from training, inspection and documentation.


  • To introduce Wirehouse to SMEs and inform them how we can help their businesses when it comes to human resources, Employment Law & Health and Safety compliance
  • To increase booked demos, resulting into more sales 
  • Reach out to the right people and industry in order to generate awareness and interest to our services


Leadzoom implemented an email outreached strategy, A/B testing different target profiles and messaging content to drive an increase in engagement & leads generated.

Client Thoughts

Check out what Wirehouse Employer Services has to say about Leadzoom.
“Leadzoom has helped us for months in building our sales pipeline and increase in revenue. They are always eager to provide suggestions and improvements when needed. They are easy to work with and we’re quite happy with the results we were given and experienced. “

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