How To Generate Leads Through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

May 5, 2020

Over the last decade, LinkedIn has revolutionized the way in which business people connect and engage with each other, it also works wonders for sales people and B2B companies in regards to lead generation. 


Whilst you can use the regular LinkedIn platform to generate leads with some level of success, Sales Navigator (LinkedIn’s paid platform) offers more detailed targeting filters and more tools that allow you to narrow down your audience in more depth. It allows you to search, filter and save your results, so you can target specific people, industries, companies & much more. The idea is to then connect & engage by using relevant messaging which will massively increase your chance of generating a sale!


So What Is Sales Navigator? 

According to LinkedIn, “Sales Navigator features a powerful set of search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms to help you reach the right decision maker.” Essentially it’s the best version of LInkedIn for sales people. It gives you the best tools to target the right prospects, build relationships and generate leads. 


How Much Does It Cost?  

So for the Professional package the cost is around £65pm billed monthly or around £52pm billed annually. You can also purchase a team package which gives you 10 more inMails per month (30 instead of 20), it also provides you with better team sharing capabilities. For further pricing & feature information click here.


How To Use Sales Navigator For Prospecting 

Sales Preferences 

When you sign up to Sales Navigator you’ll be asked to complete your sales preferences, this can also be edited and changed at a later date in your settings. Here you’ll select your ideal client profile based on their geography, industry, company size (by headcount), function and finally seniority level. LinkedIn will use this information to show you lead recommendations whilst using Sales Navigator. 


Advance Search & Filters

The advance search & filters on Sales Navigator is where the real prospecting takes place. These filters are great for levelling up your prospecting tactics. Below you’ll see a wide array of filters that you can use to narrow down your audience so that you’re targeting the right people. We find the most powerful filters are Geography, Industry, Job Title & Company Headcount, however this will depend on your goals and personal preferences. 

Top Tip – Once you’ve built your audience list, you can save the search for future reference.


What Next? How Do I generate Leads…

Once you’ve created a reasonably sized list of prospects, the next step is reaching out to those prospects and trying to generate leads. This can be done manually but it’s a monotonous task and can be very time consuming, however by using Leadzoom’s automation platform, you can send up to 3,000 connection invites per month. 


Following up all these connection invites is a key part to the success of your outreach campaign, so with our software you can send up to 4 sequence (follow up) messages per prospect! These can be set at intervals over a certain period of time. The idea is to offer different levels of value in each message whilst also increasing your sales pitch as you go along. With Leadzoom you’ll also be able to send inMail messages to people with ‘Open’ profiles, which basically means they pay for either LinkedIn Premium or Sale Navigator. These tend to be either business owners or the directors of a company, so if you’re looking to target decision makers, then why not try Leadzoom and Sales Navigator today! 


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