The Warmth of Cold Email Marketing: Why it doesn’t have to be cold

February 2, 2022

Let’s be honest. 

We are naturally wary when we receive emails from unknown people or emails from businesses we haven’t even heard of. 

These unwarranted emails are part of a business’s cold email marketing strategy. 

Yes, they can be annoying at times. However, we have to be open-minded too as it can lead to a business deal that can open doors and windows for the business.

So how do you do cold email marketing yet still provide warmth to your prospects? 

How do you avoid getting a cold shoulder and instead receive a warm hug?

Then, we’ve got you covered on this post. We’ll be exploring on how to do just that. On that note, here’s the 101 on giving warmth on your cold email marketing strategy:  

What is Cold Email?

Cold emails are emails you send to people you don’t know. Emails can be sent directly to prospects as well as in bulk and mass. Cold calling is more intrusive. 

Many bad actors abuse cold emails, which is why cold emails have a bad reputation. Using the “spray and pray” method, they saturate any email address they can with spammy sales or self-promotional emails.

How to Stand Out?

Your story should also be compelling in itself. Your company’s reputation should be highlighted along with your past accomplishments to draw them in and show them your value. 

Try to avoid phrases that can destroy your credibility, such as “hopefully” or “if that makes sense,” so you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority on the topic.

Additionally, it should be tailored to the recipient. It is easy to spot a canned email from a mile away, and it suggests that you didn’t bother to find out about the recipient, which will affect your response rate.

If you are sending a cold email, it must be an email and not a web form or social media page.

Is Cold Email Everything?

Can cold emailing help you achieve all of your business goals? That’s hard to say. Because other technologies have taken the spotlight, you shouldn’t ignore the option.

It is a best business practice for entrepreneurs to use cold emailing because it can be incredibly effective. Allow yourself to experience how powerful cold email can be by letting go of the fear of rejection. You might be surprised.

What is an Email Warm-Up?

The purpose of email warm-ups is to establish your new email account’s reputation and credibility with other email servers. 

To ensure deliverability, you must do this before launching any email campaign. By sending and receiving emails daily, you will be able to establish this reputation.

New email addresses do not have any way of knowing if they are associated with a reputable domain, so they are more likely to be blocked, blacklisted, or marked as spam.

Sending batches of cold emails simultaneously from a new email account would increase this lack of credibility because recipients’ email servers would flag the email as a potential threat and block its delivery.

Email Warm-Ups: Time to Get Technical

In general, warming emails are pretty straightforward, but some of the steps require more technical expertise than others. Configuring DNS records and knowing how to send cold emails are part of this.

Step 1: Create an email account profile

Don’t delay setting up your email account’s profile, despite how tempting it may seem. Making sure all the information requested is complete and accurate will make your profile look more credible and complete. Therefore, ensure that you provide all the necessary credentials, such as your name, surname, avatar, and email signature, so that email providers can verify your identity.

Step 2: Get an IP address and a domain

You’ll need to purchase a domain if your business does not already have one. 

Domains (or domain names) are the names of websites. IP addresses are unique codes or strings of numbers assigned to your domain, which help servers, local networks, and other devices find and identify your site.

However, it is also crucial to warm up your newly registered domain. You will have to warm up your IP address if it doesn’t have a reputation or hasn’t been receiving traffic for some time. The DNS setting will help you do this.

Tools for Automating Cold Email Warming

As an alternative to labour-intensive processes, you can use tools to automate your email warm-up. By fostering positive engagement with your new email account, these tools help you to increase your domain reputation.

To increase your email activity, they integrate with your email account and send and receive emails on your behalf.

Additionally, they automate positive interactions with your email address. They will automatically move your emails from SPAM into inboxes and mark them as important after they are sent to their large databases. They will also reply to you!

Here are some of the most popular mail warming tools.

  • Mailwarm

Through daily interaction with your emails, Mailwarm improves your reputation as a sender. Several emails are automatically sent from your email account to the Mailwarm account list. Additionally, you will receive replies, boosting your domain, IP, and email reputations.

  • Lemwarm

The Lemwarm email warm-up service sends emails to over 20,000 users via your new account. As a result, emails are only sent to verified users with verified email addresses. 

Messages and subject lines are created by an algorithm to ensure the content is unique. In addition, a response will be sent to each of these unique messages, thus generating conversations.

  • Mailgun

With Mailgun, you can improve your email deliverability rates and improve your sender score. A managed IP warm-up is provided, that fits your specific needs as well as email authentication to verify your sending domain. 

Mailgun assigns a dedicated technical account manager to evaluate your current email strategy. As a result, you’ll also receive personalized guidance for improving your cold email marketing strategy.

Thousands of real users and businesses in our system will receive automatic emails from AutoWarmUp to improve your email reputation. As part of its free service, it also sends automatic replies mimicking human behavior.

  • Warmbox

From your inbox, Warmbox sends emails generated by its artificial intelligence to a network of over 10,000 private, safe inboxes. 

The emails will then be automatically removed from the spam folder, opened, marked as favourites, and replied to. Warmbox does not offer a free plan, but it boasts seamless integration with all email servers.

However, if you don’t know where to begin with all of these tools, our platform (insert link) provides you with everything you’ll need for your cold email marketing strategy. We got you covered from prospect list building to warming up your emails.

With all of these choices, we got this covered for you. Leadzoom has a system that does your warming needs. 


Cold emailing might be less intimidating than cold calling, but it’s still a daunting task. Sending the best cold emails your leads have ever received is easier than you might think.

Life is a process that takes time.

Getting used to a new email address or domain is no exception. Your patience will be tested and you cannot even guarantee 100 percent delivery. In any case, if you skip this step, your emails will end up as spam. It is even possible to get blacklisted.

So to avoid being frozen, cover everything from top to bottom when it comes to your cold email strategy. 

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