We’ve Launched a New Game-Changing Feature

June 3, 2021

Building connections play a huge role when it comes to a business’s growth and development. But what do you do when a hurdle arises? 

During the past couple of weeks, LinkedIn has been quietly implementing weekly invite restrictions on its platform. It is a move to protect its users from spammy invites and messages. 

How do we work around this? 

We’ve built and introduced a new feature on our platform. It is free for all of our current users, at no additional cost. 

You can now have another means to connect and reach out to your target audience through our new email enrichment tool. 

Here’s a video to learn more about it works: 

How does it work? 

Inviting prospects with their email addresses allows our users to bypass the weekly invite limit. Since the restriction doesn’t apply to this method. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how this is done: 

  1. Open a specific campaign you’d like to enrich. 
  1. Click get emails  

Once clicked, you’ll  receive the message below

Click “Yes.”

Five thousand credits are free every month. 

Once done, you should see this message on your search bar:

You’ll know that a campaign is being enriched when you see a yellow envelope beside the number of profiles. 

The envelope will turn green once the enriching process is completed. 

You can enrich multiple campaigns at the same time as long as you have enough credits left. 

  1. Once the enrichment is done be sure to turn on your email invite module.  
  1. Create your Linkedin Email Invite Message 

Email invites are sent in batches of up to fifty (50). If you have four hundred invites (400), invites will be sent out in eight (8) minutes. Under your global limits the maximum daily email invite limit is 200 per day. 

It can take a couple of hours for LinkedIn to match up all the email addresses to a profile

You can then set up a sequence message for your new first-degree connections. 

This is a great workaround with the current daily limit.

And, as the saying goes, we don’t sink. We rise to the occasion. 

If you have any questions on this just contact us at support@leadzoom.io or have a chat with us.

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